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"It doesn’t help that some of my past decided to follow me home like a lost puppy." He snorted without humor. "I’d say that it isn’t fair, but you probably already know that. You just don’t care." Ryou huffed. He felt numb and wanted to put his headphones back in, so that he could at least feel something, but he knew the spirit was not going to let him ignore him. "Are you going to rub it in now? Go on about how great things are going for you while I’m a wreak? Poor Ryou, stepped on over and over until a nicer carpet was found. I hate you."


The male rolled his eyes. “I was simply curious as to what my host has been doing since my departure.” The whitenette shrugged. “Maybe I do, maybe I don’t; though you know me well enough. “You can always fucking hate me, doesn’t change anything. As much as i may absolutly adore rubbing in how different our lives have become i’m sure it’s not something my significant other would much approve of. He doesn’t like things like this. Me being in asshole and all that.” The male shrugged, smirking at the male. “Maybe I’ll just stick around here for a few hours and just observe everything.”

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((greetings and salutations my most noble and esteemed followers. as promised, in honor of reaching (and now even surpassing) 2000 followers, i will be doing a giveaway here on the blog. during mark’s august charity livestream, the main item of merch was the tiny box tim plushies. i bought two… one for me, and one for one of you peeps. the winner will get the plushie and a goodie bag filled with the most random / fun stuff i can find at the dollar store. because buying random stuff i exactly what you do as an adult with your money (idk, mark does it, buying florp and tiaras and the ilk). it’ll probably be spoopy stuff because it’s almost halloween.

the rules:

  • like / reblog to get an entry. reblog as many times as you’d like for entries. no giveaway blogs, of course, but hey, i don’t actually care if you spam your followers with entries because maaaaaan i’m not gonna tell you how to run your shit, yo.
  • please be following the blog. this is meant as a treat for said followers. 
  • you have until october 11th (saturday) to enter. as in it will close at 11:59:59pm on october 10th. the winner will be announced later that day. if you win, please respond as soon as you can with your email and address so i can get it to you.
  • no regional restrictions here. i’ll ship anywhere. just know that international shipping will take a little longer, of course. 

that’s about it. nothing too fancy. if this blog continues to do well in the future, i will certainly organize some more grandiose and festooned giveaways. 

thank you all so much for making this blog awesome. -bs))

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Bar Meeting || i-amtheflame


           Bakura’s words only confused Dorian more, but that was probably going to be the best answer he was going to get. So he nodded, letting the subject drop for now.


           "Of course. I may be a bit particular, but I’m no prude." He hummed, looking at the other in a sideglance. "Hm, alright. Any place in particular?" After a second, he added. "I’ll offer my place as an option."

Bakura gave a light chuckled. “Yes, I didn’t believe you were; only it’s still not often a man makes any form of advance to another man and they are fine with it.” The male shrugged before trying to think of a place for them to go. When Dorian mentioned his home the male was a bit surprised. “Oh? Well nothing I could suggest would best your own house. I’m just visiting after all so my only offer would be some hotel some place.”

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Birthday surprise -dragonknightcritias-
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