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Simply call me Bakura. That's all you need to know. Get in my way and I'll kill you.

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favorite character meme → [5/?]
↳ Yami Bakura

"I am a thief and a stealer of souls, and I have done terrible things in my quest to possess the Millennium Items. You do remember the legends don’t you?”

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Moonlit Conversations || dragonknightcritias


         He began to wiggle in embarrassment as Bakura spoke, though he grin in spite of himself. “Well… l-let’s just get you off the ground first, ‘kay?” His eyebrows furrowed with worry as the whitenette trying to shift, frowning when the male just leaned against him. “It’s alright, don’t push yourself…” Without any more thought, he just slipped one arm behind Bakura’s back, the other under his legs, and lifted him from the floor. It took so little effort; Bakura was so light. Once he was sure he had a good grip on the other, he turned to walk around the couch.

Bakura nodded at Critias’ words. “Alright.” He let out a short groan when Critias said not to push himself, still, he felt so useless right now, passing out was not fun. Though he wouldn’t take back hearing Critias’ singing; he wanted more. His own thoughts were cut short when he felt Critias’ hand behind his back and under his legs. The whitenette was about to question the male, but just gave a bit of a yelp and his eyes widened as he was then picked up.

Bakura shifted, wrapping his arms tightly around Critias’ neck, clinging tight before burying his face into the male’s chest; a light blush rising to his cheeks. He’d never been picked up before, the thought never crossing his mind. “W-What are… erm… Don’t… Don’t drop me.” He mumbled against the others chest. Though this was odd and it startled him a bit, he couldn’t help but love the feeling of being in Critias’ arms. So warm.

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Ⓚitty Critias || revivedshadow


       Critias blinked as Bakura gripped his paws, the lowered his head in embarrassment. “Pramm, mraaaah…” O-oh, sorry… He let his eyes return to the male when he shifted, purring as he was lifted from the ground. One paw moved to gently grip the whitentte’s shirt with his claws, making sure not to catch the other’s skin, and he nuzzled his chest. “Praaam!” 'Kaaay!

Bakura smiled when Critias moved his paw and nuzzled him. “You’re just so cute~” He hummed as he started towards the front of the store once more. He kept one hand on his chest, making sure to keep Critias from falling as he leaned down, kissing his head.

He was able to get to the front of the store rather quickly and was glad there wasn’t much of a line to wait in, but still there was one. He felt a bit protective when the people in line would look at Critias, yet he wouldn’t make conversation if they tried. Same went for when he checked out, only handing the cashier the money needed for his items before being on his way. He didn’t care if he was being rude, he just wanted to get back and keep Critias safe in his apartment. “Ready to head home now?” He asked as he started down the street once again.

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Moonlit Conversations || dragonknightcritias


         Critias leaned back as he felt Bakura sitting up, blushing deeply at his words. “Hrmm… I don’t think so…” Despite saying that, his eyebrows rose at Bakura’s next comment. “You… You blacked out ‘cause of me singing…?” That didn’t make any sense. Just his voice couldn’t have made Bakura faint. Bakura just didn’t pass out like that. Not easily, as far as he knew.

         After pondering that a few seconds, he shook his head. “We should probably get you off the floor… Can you stand?”

“I do.” The whitenette responded, Critias may not have believed it but it was in fact very, very true. He nodded then. “Yeah, I got so… mesmerized by your words and voice, the notes. I just… Well, you saw. It’s never happened before, I know it was from you. I want to hear more.”

“I think so.” He replied to Critias’ question, though as he shifted again his arms just shook and he closed his eyes when he felt the dizziness return, leaning forward against Critias. “On second thought…”

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