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First Anniversary || dragonknightcritias


         Critias smile widened when Bakura’s fingers laced with his, and as they walked, he looked back for just enough to call back to Layla, "We’ll be back, puppy!" He couldn’t help it, but he always felt so guilty for leaving Layla alone. In fact, he felt guilty just setting her down. But the sight of the puppy watching them walk away with a completely oblivious look was heart-wrenching to him, so he looked forward again, his hand gripping Bakura’s tightly. Of course, if he could take Layla everywhere, he would. Right now, though, he just felt like it was a good time to leave her there.

         There was a strange kind of deja vu playing with his mind as they walked, though he wasn’t sure from what. His brain sifted through memories, trying to place why this seemed so familiar. Sure, he and Bakura had made a habit of walking places whenever they wanted to go places. Even going back to the time Bakura had showed up at the music store. But there was a different familiarity to this, and it wasn’t good. His stomach churned uneasily. Why was Bakura so quiet, anyway? Was something actually bothering him? Bakura never seemed to just be bothered by things. What was going on with him? Did Critias need to be worried? Well, he was worried anyway, but did he need to be worried? There was a big difference.

         He glanced down at the whitenette, examining his expression for a moment before looking away, not wanting to get caught. Bakura looked like he was really thinking hard about something. Was it bothering him, or just keeping his mind occupied? This was so frustrating! Why couldn’t he have answers instead of more questions??

         As they got closer to their destination, it hit him. Why the scene was so familiar to him. That nightmare he used to always have. He hadn’t had it for a while, so it’d traveled somewhere in the back of his memories. But it clicked why they matched up. In the dream, it was him and Bakura walking hand in hand in silence. Critias always knew something was wrong, but no matter how many times he had the dream, dream-him never knew what was going to happen. The foreboding feeling in the dream was always from dream-him remembering how distant Bakura had been the entire day, and out of no where, the whitenette had asked if he wanted to go for a walk.

         Odd, but simple enough.

         What made this dream a nightmare had nothing to do with any of that, though. What made it a nightmare started when Bakura would just stop walking, release his hand, then tell him he was done with their relationship.

         The memory of the dream on its own was enough to threaten to bring tears to his eyes, and the connection he made between that and what was happening now made his stomach churn with nausea. But what happened in the dream… that couldn’t actually happen… right? Especially not today. And with all the changes that had been made, most notably, the house. There was no way Bakura would do all that just to abandon him out of the blue. Right?

         The blond swallowed hard, his knees growing weak. It required real effort not to trip over his own feet, and he silently prayed Bakura wouldn’t notice that the blood had completely drained from his face. He felt like he could actually throw up at any moment, and was scrambling desperately inside his head to calm down. He couldn’t explain all of what was going on in his mind to Bakura, and he really didn’t want to. If he was way off the mark, it could really offend Bakura. After all this time, there will still holes in his confidence of Bakura’s feelings for him. He was torn between trusting the male, but knowing his own inferiority. He wanted to trust him, but it was no secret that Critias didn’t think he was worthy of being with Bakura. So naturally, the fear that Bakura would realize this as well would come up from time to time.

         Dammit, he hadn’t felt like this for long time now, too…


Bakura continued to walk in silence. His thoughts just running over his plan about a hundred times. He really hoped Critias was fine with this, that he’d like it. He gave a silent sigh and moved his free hand to his pocket that held the box. It wouldn’t be too long.

Bakura looked up when he saw the boardwalk come into sight. He was glad it wasn’t horribly crowded but their were still people. The whitenette smiled lightly and tightened his grip on Critias’ hand. “Kitten, we’re here.” He hummed, taking his free hand and lightly brushing the blond’s bangs back. Something seemed a bit wrong. Had Critias not wanted to come here? The whitenette started to become nervous again.

"H-Hey! Want to go get some ice cream? t doesn’t look too busy, and it’ll help with the heat." Bakura spoke, he hadn’t meant to make anything feel rush but he wanted to do this before the blond might’ve suggested something else.

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First Anniversary || dragonknightcritias


         A light blush coloured his cheeks as Bakura approached him, and he gently set Layla on the floor - which caused the puppy to whine, having grown accustomed to Critias carrying her around everywhere - allowing Bakura to pull him up from the couch. "A-alright, s’go then!"


         He wasn’t entirely sure how to feel about the trip, since he’d barely seen Bakura all day, and when he was there, he behaved strangely. But if they were going to the boardwalk, it couldn’t be bad. Maybe Bakura did have something on his mind, and this was a way of trying to focus on something else! That made much more sense!

         With that thought, Critias felt loads better. Just because Bakura sprung this on him all of the sudden didn’t mean it was bad. Besides, even if the fact that today was a big deal - at least to Critias - wasn’t mentioned, they were still doing something. It was better than sitting around at home. Which wouldn’t be bad, but it was common.

         He briefly considered asking Bakura if he knew that today was their anniversary, but tossed the thought aside. He didn’t want to make him feel bad right now, just in case there was something else on his mind. He could always bring it up later if it was really bugging him that bad.

Bakura chuckled lightly as the puppy whined from being set down. If Critias kept always holding her like that then she’d never learn to walk on her own. Or when she got bigger… That was going to be a problem. 

His mind was brought back to Critias when the male spoke. “Sounds… good.” He nodded, keeping the blonde’s hand in his own and lacing their fingers together as he started towards the door.

As they walked, Bakura kept himself silent for the most part, trying to make sure everything he was thinking of was going to be perfect. He couldn’t mess this up, no matter what. Every time he’d think about it though, he’d just get nervous all over again. His eyes kept glancing to Critias, though at the current time it was hard to even keep eye contact with him for even a second. There were times he’d open his mouth to say something, but his words wouldn’t make it out. The nervousness was all unfamiliar to him and it was honestly quite frustrating.

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First Anniversary || dragonknightcritias


         Despite hearing footsteps approaching, he couldn’t bring himself to move. So he just waited, holding Layla close until he saw Bakura enter the room. Immediately, he began to feel better, but as he saw how the male was acting, emotions started mixing together. Bakura wasn’t one to act so nervous, and of course, Critias assumed it had to be something bad. What would cause him to behave this way?

         Bakura’s suggestion caught him off guard, and the questions began to overwhelm him. Why had Bakura locked himself up for so long, only to come find him and ask if he wanted to go somewhere? And to the boardwalk, no less. Critias wouldn’t even pretend even the mention of the place didn’t make him happy, but his confusion was more immediate of an issue. And why was Bakura acting so… off? It was a little unsettling, combined with everything else.

         The blond cocked his head, a little dumbfounded, but he nodded. "Oh, y-yeah! Though, uhm… I-is everything okay?" He managed to squeak the last part, not entirely sure if the answer he’d recieve would even be truthful. But Bakura didn’t lie to him. Sure, there had been times he’d kept things from him, but it was usually something Bakura thought was for his own good, right?


"Great." Bakura hummed, glad Critias had agreed. Things would’ve been much harder if the male didn’t want to go, but it was the pier. The whitenette knew Critias really loved it there. Even if they lived on the beach now it was still somewhere to go. And it had quite a lot of meaning to the both of them, that he was sure of.

The whitenette quickly nodded and stepped around to take the male’s hand and pull him from the couch, not wanting to waste anymore time. He already wasted most of the day. “Of course, everything is fine, Critias.” Bakura gave a reassuring smile, despite his nervousness for the whole situation.

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First Anniversary || dragonknightcritias


         Critias was getting used to Bakura waking up before him, so when he woke up alone, he wasn’t confused, just immediately wanting to search out the whitenette. It took him about a half hour of convincing to drag himself out of bed, and after picking up Layla on the way out, wandered around the house looking for him.

         He wasn’t sure what made it click, but once he realized Bakura was locked up in… whatever room that was, he stood around nearby for a few minutes trying to decide what to do. He really didn’t know how to treat the situation, considering he didn’t know what that room even was. And he didn’t want to bother him in case he was doing something important, but he wanted to see him, especially it being the day it was. Maybe he forgot? Or he didn’t know it was something important.

         A quiet yip from Layla reminded him she’d not eaten that morning yet either. So with a little sigh and a twinge of worry in his chest, he shuffled toward the kitchen.

         Once Layla was fed and Critias got food for himself, he ended up curled up on the couch in the living room, thinking he’d only have to wait a short while for Bakura to come out. After an hour, he tried to convince himself that maybe Bakura had fallen asleep in there, taking up to snuggling with Layla to take his mind off of it. After another hour, he started feeling upset. Even if Bakura wasn’t aware of it, he at least wanted the /opportunity/ to spend /some/ of the day with the male. Watching the shadows growing longer outside only made him wonder if he’d done something to anger the whitenette.

         It wasn’t too long after the paranoid concerns started that that he heard movement somewhere, and he sat straight up, earning a surprised squeak from the puppy.


Bakura’s first thought had been to check the bedroom for Critias, just incase it was possible that the male went back there to rest or something. When he found it to be empty the whitenette knew for sure Critias must’ve thought something was wrong, that was how Critias was. It wasn’t that that had upset Bakura, it was that the blond always thought he himself had done something wrong, which was never the case.

The male’s next thought was the kitchen, though before he could make it there he spotted Critias on the couch of the living room. “O-Oh, hey Kitten.” He smiled lightly, already becoming nervous again. “I was just looking for you. Cause it’s uh… It’s a pretty warm day and do you maybe want to go to the pier with me?” He asked trying to get right to it, unsure if he’d be able to speak the words later.

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First Anniversary || dragonknightcritias

Bakura had been awake since about the time the sun rose. He’d laid in bed with Critias for about a half hour, lightly brushing his fingers through the male’s hair or giving him soft kisses wherever he could, before finally managing to squirm his way from the blond’s hold. The whitenette knew his boyfriend would be out for at least another couple hours. He always slept in on his days off. Bakura didn’t mind though, he never minded. Critias was so cute as he slept, so relaxed.

As the male had left the bed their puppy, Layla, had peeked her head up from the foot of the bed. Bakura pet the puppy’s head before heading out of the room. Bakura did feel bad for just leaving Critias, especially with what day it was. But that was why he’d left when he did.

Today was their first anniversary. One year ago Critias and him had gone to the pier and spent the whole day together before Critias boldly kissed him on the cheek. Back then Bakura had yet to realize his feelings, and in turn this left Critias thinking he’d done something wrong. But in the end it turned out more then fine and they had started dating.

Bakura smiled to himself as he walked down the hall and toward his, self deemed, office. Critias had always dealt with the bills and money at his old apartment, now though Bakura wouldn’t even let him see the bills. So having an office that was his own helped with that. It was the only room in the house he kept locked when he wasn’t in it, and the door shut when he was. It wasn’t often he spent hours in the room. Mostly for the fact that he hated leaving Critias by himself; besides the dog and horse that also resided on their property.

Bakura had now been sitting in the office for a few hours, the reason being more nervousness out of anything. He’d planned to ask Critias something pretty big but for once in his life he was nervous. The whitenette held the small box in his hand and just stared down at it. He needed to do it, and he knew how he wanted to. It was now just a matter of leaving the room and finding his boyfriend. That was easier said then done though. If it was that easy, Bakura wouldn’t still be sitting here. His eyes glanced to the time. It was into the afternoon. Bakura hadn’t left the office since getting up. At least six hours he spent in the room.

The whitenette was sure Critias was awake by now. And more then likely worried as to what he was doing. Bakura sighed and slipped the box into his pocket as he stood. It was now or never. The whitenette opened the door and headed down the hall to find Critias.

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