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((Post-canon AUish independent yu-gi-oh Yami Bakura blog may contain NSFW))

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((Going to attempt to sleep. Sorry I’m being meh. I’m just pretty meh with a lot of things.)) 

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((Everyone is going to sleep. *flop* Now what do I doooo?? Clean more of my room I guess, and take some melatonin to maybe be able to sleep as well. ))

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♈ - Soooo I’ve been pretty inactive the last week or so, and it was cuz I was working on a new RP blog. *awkwardly places link here*

Can some of ya maybe go check it out? I mean, all those bbys are, well, my babies, and I’ve had some of those OCs since 2008. I put a lotta work into updating them and making them realistic and each their own person. It’d super mean a lot even if you just went and checked it out, read up on some of them. If you’re not interested, there’s no need to follow. Still, I’d super appreciate it if you just looked around a bit.

Also, I’ve gotta kinda crazy next couple days, so I’ll probably be inactive through Saturday. I’ll try to get out a couple replies here and there, but heads up that I might not!

Thanks for your patience guys! <3

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((Hadn’t had much to do yesterday, like at all XD So I decided to draw. Started at 9:30pm finished completely at 1:20am. I decided to see how going over my art digitally would work, and I really like the way it turned out, yet still my art is not very great.

Picture is of Critias Night(dragonknightcritias)
Programs used: My hand, Paint tool SAI, and Photoshop
Time: Two hours to draw, an hour to trace, messed up and had to trace again sooo another hour, then one hour to colour/shade. 

I really like how this came out, still need a lot of work. but yeah. I know my art is pretty bad though. 

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Moonlit Conversations || dragonknightcritias


         The blond was startled by Bakura’s reaction, frowning. He didn’t think the male would do that, but maybe he didn’t like to be picked up. “Sorry… I just wanna get you to the couch is all. And I’m not gonna drop you!” He huffed, stopping next to the couch and gently setting Bakura laying down on to the cushions. “There. Sorry, I should have asked before picking you up…” His voice was a mumble as he sat near the whitenette’s feet.

“No, No. It’s fine.” Bakura reassured Critias, as he was set down on the couch, his arms lingering around Critias’ neck for a few moments before releasing him and watching as the blond sat. “I was just a little surprised is all, I really didn’t think you were going to drop me. Just never been picked up before, it was nice being in your arms though…” he trailed before clearing his throat. Bakura pushed himself a bit closer to the blond, lifting his legs to rest on Critias’ lap and he smiled. 

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Ⓚitty Critias || revivedshadow


       Critias purred at Bakura’s words, blinking happily when the whitenette leaned down to kiss his head. He couldn’t help but wiggle, not knowing how else to respond to the action.

       As they stood in line, Critias noticed people would look at him and try to start conversation with Bakura. Every time, Critias would give a happy, “praam ~,” as a greeting. But every time, Bakura would ignore the person, they’d turn away, and Critias would pout up at the whitenette. He didn’t know why Bakura was doing that, but Critias kinda enjoyed the attention.

       Once they’d gone through the register and Bakura spoke directly to him, he began to purr again, nodding up at the male. “Mraah!” Yup!

The whitenette nodded at Critias’ response, continuing to walk back the direction they’d come from a little while ago. “Now I’ll get to have my Kitten all to myself again. With everyone eyeing you a just get… I don’t know, I don’t like it.” He mumbled mostly to himself, moving the bag around his arm so his hand was free and just pet Critias’ chin. “Let’s just get home.”

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fucking ground sprinkles what the fuck


*Tamaki voice*

What? You commoners don’t even have enough time to grind your own sprinkles?? Well, What do I have to lose?







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