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Three-thousand years later and the memories still cut deep.


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First Anniversary || dragonknightcritias


       Critias felt a blush creeping over his face, and he began to wiggle again, this time nervously. "W-well, I dunno. S’this a secluded area, or…? I mean, s’pretty open…"


"It’s kind of secluded? Not many people travel this far down the beach. If it’s just down to your boxers it’s pretty much like you’re in swimwear anyway. I’ll take mine off first if you wish." He chuckled. "If you don’t want to I won’t make you of course."


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Birthday surprise -dragonknightcritias-


         Critias was all ready with a pout when Bakura first began to speak, but once he changed his mind, the blond beamed. "Yay! Thank youuuuu…"

         He allowed Bakura to pull him to his feet, lacing his fingers with the whitenette’s as they began to walk. "N’kay. Guess you don’t quite have the whole house down yet either?" He gave a little giggle, squeezing the male’s hand.


Bakura gave a little huff and mumbled, “I do… mostly.” The whitenette squeezed the male’s hand back as he lead him to one of the closer rooms. “Here.” He nodded. “Now…” The whitenette trailed, turning to look back at Critias. “Now as with some of the things I found from the apartment, I think this was most interesting.” He spoke, pulling the male forward and to the nightstand of the room. “I’m jusst curious as to why you never informed me of this.” The male grinned, pulling the object from the drawer.

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Just hatched out these two girls trying to start a project. Unfortunately I needed a male, and as much as I’d like the gold for ‘em I’d like them to go to a good home where they won’t be exalted. Just send me a CR! X3


Pearlcatcher female - Coal Iri / seafoam stripes / Mulberry Smokeimage

Pearlcatcher female - Grey Iri / forest iri / thistle Smoke

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First Anniversary || dragonknightcritias


       His breath caught when Bakura used the word fiancé, his heart sputtering. He still hadn’t completely come to grips that it was really true, so somehow the work caught him off guard. In a good way, at least. "O-okay, yeah!"


Bakura smiled at Critias’ answer. “Alright. I’m sure it requires taking off your pants; at /least/” The male grinned with a low hum. He wasn’t completely serious. On one hand though, maybe he was. Though he was pretty sure that out in a semi-public area such as this, Critias would not be comfortable. Especially in a foreign country whose language he also didn’t speak.

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Birthday surprise -dragonknightcritias-


         He couldn’t help but wiggle at Bakura’s comment, though didn’t have a response. “You keep saying s’myyyy house, but… can’t it be oooour house? I wouldn’t want it without you anyway…”


         He gave a nod. “Mmhmm. Since I moved to Domino. He was my first friend. He’s also the Tanakas’ son. That’s how I got the job at the ranch in the first place. We used to kinda share the responsibilities in high school, but only I stuck with it ‘cause I really needed it as an actual job.”

         At first, Critias kept his pouty expression, but only until Bakura actually started going into details. His face flushed red, shoulders lifting as if he were trying to hide himself somehow, though he couldn’t help but take note of what Bakura mentioned, even though he was too embarrassed to speak. For the most part, most those things he did as automatic reaction, but it was never a bad thing to be sure of what the whitenette enjoyed.

         He peeked up at the other when he trailed off, blinking at his words soon after, his features still flushed. "O-oh, okay."

“But it is yo-“ The whitenette cut himself off before nodding. “Of course, our house it is then.” Bakura then listened as Critias explained his relationship with Makoto. “The Tanaka’s son? I see. It is a much better job than the one you had at that music store.” Bakura looked back to Critias after speaking, grinning at the way the male was blushing. “See, so much cute.” He chuckled as he stood from the couch. He grabbed the blond’s hand and pulled him to his feet; with a little effort though. “I think… This way.” He mumbled mostly to himself, though pulled Critias down the hallway.

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